Sizes and Prices

You can choose from a range of different options when creating your portrait.


Choose from textile art and coloured pencil art. Each will give you a realistic portrait, but the textile portrait will have more texture and be more of a representation of the spirit of your animal, whereas the coloured pencil portrait will have more detail and more accuracy in terms of colour. Both techniques require upwards of 20 hours or more to complete a portrait, with love and care going into every stitch or pencil stroke.

Textile portrait in a hoop (10inch hoop): 300eur

Textile portrait in a frame (A4 size): 350eur

Textile portrait on mountboard 300eur

Coloured Pencil portrait in a frame (A4 size) 350eur

If you don’t see anything to suit your budget please contact me (, and we can discuss other options such as payment plans and different sizes. I will always do what I can to help.


The Creation Process

Despite textiles and coloured pencils being two different mediums, the creation process is surprisingly similar. They both involve hours of gradual building of layers to create depth and realism to the portrait. They both require careful choice of colours, and consideration of tonal values and fur direction to create all the bumps and hollows which give our pets their shape and character.

A Textile Portrait,

I create this with an acrylic underpainting onto cotton fabric before using my sewing machine to stitch over the top adding detail and bringing it to life. I use layers of thread and stitch, changing colour frequently to build up the picture. I then cuts the portrait out and stitch it to a background fabric, which we have chosen together, before mounting it, either in an embroidery hoop, in a handmade wooden frame, or stretched on mountboard ready for you to frame yourself.

A Coloured Pencil Portrait

I use a mix of professional pencils (Faber Castel polychromos, Caran D’ache pablos, and luminance) on specialist thick drawing paper (pastelmat or Derwent Lightfast paper). These pencils are of such quality that they will not fade over time. I spend hours building up layers of colour to create a richness in the fur and life in the eyes of my animals. It is a long, slow and thoroughly enjoyable process.

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