Robin – ‘A Wild Trust’


Birds move so quickly, flitting about, but there is always a moment of awareness, a connection to be made. Robins are brave and fearless, and willing to offer their wild trust to you. One of the first voices we hear in the mornings, a robin is always a welcome and cheerful sight. Hopping close to you, watching you, enjoying your company. You pause in your busy life to just be, to sit with a robin. When you move on, it is with a lighter heart, and a sense of having touched the edges of a secret world.
With this portrait I encourage you to feel awe and wonder at the world all around us, above us, below us. To stop and pause and be more aware, to open your eyes and really see, and feel the joy that seeing brings. As John Muir says, ‘I only went out for a walk… for going out, I found, was really going in.’
Please note, I have entered this artwork in a competition so it won’t be for sale until the end of May. Please contact me if you are interested in buying. Thanks!


This piece of textile art is created by layering up many small pieces of fabric to create interesting effects and textures. These are stuck in place and then sewed over using my sewing machine. I use a technique called free motion stitching where I draw with the threads, and in this case, as I draw with threads over the little pieces of fabric the edges ruffle and become frayed creating beautiful textures and effects. I use the fabrics as you would use paint, each little piece is like a brushstroke, another piece of the whole work. All the fabrics I use are offcuts and unwanted bits and pieces that are too small for other creative people to use, so they donate them to me!


  • Picture size: 8 inch x 8 inch
    Picture with frame: 13 inch x 13 inch
  • Materials: fabric, cotton thread, wooden frame handmade in Ireland

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Dimensions 33.5 × 33.5 cm