Poppies Framed


  • Picture size: 11.5cm x 16.5cm
    Picture with frame: 18cm x 23cm
  • Materials: fabric, cotton thread,

Postage and Packaging: extra.

Ireland: 8.40eur
UK/Europe: 14.50eur
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This picture comes without glass in its frame

This piece is made with a sewing technique called ‘free motion embroidery’, where the machine is used to ‘draw’ the picture. The needle moves up and down in one place and the fabric is moved around to create the desired shapes and patterns. Fabric is cut out and appliqued to the picture to add colour and texture

I am fascinated by the elegance of the poppy, and its contrasts. It is so bold in its colour, so prolific and effective at spreading its seeds. It grows best on poor ground and pops up all over the place, singly or on mass in fields. And yet it is so fragile, a stiff breeze can blow the petals away, and it does not last at all when picked. Best left in the fields and use this picture to enjoy poppies inside instead!