‘When Robins appear, Loved ones are near…’



Original robin artwork!

I have loved this quote for a long time, and it particularly resonates with me at the moment, when it is over two years since I have seen some of my family as they live in another country. Seeing robins always reminds me of them, and of those whom I have loved who have passed; human and furred. I wanted to make some smaller pieces of art which could serve as reminders of the people we love, and help us to remember that we, in turn, are loved.

This little piece can comfortably hang in your hallway, beside the front door, or a nook in your kitchen, or even nestle on a shelf on your bookcase. The plain frame means it will fit with any colour scheme, and you can confidently gift it to someone you care about knowing that you are giving them a complete present they can treasure anywhere in their home.

If you would like to send one of these little robin artworks as a gift just order as usual and email me with your message. I will include a handwritten card for you, and of course, it will be beautifully packaged and packed carefully to keep it safe in transit.

There are only five available!



Original robin artwork! This little robin has been drawn using my sewing machine and given an orange breast using special water soluble  ink pencils.

Although only small, the process of creation is quite complex with many steps. First I sketched the robin onto the cotton fabric using a friction pen (a special pen which can be erased using heat). Next I stitched the robin using my sewing machine and black cotton thread. I love this part, watching my art come to life, especially when adding the eye. Even on these simple line drawings, the eye breathes life into a piece. By this point I am usually hoping I won’t make a mistake as it is impossible to unpick the stitches! Next I ironed the robin to remove the pen marks, and added colour to his breast. Inktense pencils are brilliant. You draw with them like regular pencils, and then when you add water they become incredibly vibrant. To finish I ironed on some interfacing, which adds stability to the fabric and gives it another layer, before cutting out the finished robin and mounting and framing, thus completing my original robin artwork.  The quote is handwritten by myself.

  • Picture size: 4 inch x 4 inch
    Picture with frame: 8 inch x 8 inch
  • Materials: fabric, cotton thread, wooden frame handmade in Ireland, inktense pencil

I have written a blog post about how I create my eyes in my art if you would like to find out more about my process!

I have also created a larger piece of art featuring a robin as part of my Wild Ireland Birds collection, and a piece of hoop art too!

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