Harris Hawk



I am fascinated by birds of prey. They seem so free, so strong, kings of the air, and yet at the same time they are vulnerable to changes in their environment and the effects man has on the planet. I feel protective of them and in awe of them all at the same time. In this work of art I wanted to convey something of their magnificence. This is a Harris Hawk, who lives at the Burren Bird of Prey centre.



This piece of textile art is created by layering up many small pieces of fabric to create the effect of feathers. These are stuck in place and then sewed over using my sewing machine. I use a technique called free motion stitching where I draw with the threads, and in this case, as I draw with threads over the little pieces of fabric the edges ruffle and become frayed creating beautiful textures and effects.


  • Picture size: 8 inch x 8 inch
    Picture with frame: 13 inch x 13 inch
  • Materials: fabric, cotton thread, wooden frame handmade in Ireland

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