Floral Hoop 5


  • Picture size: 5 inch wooden hoop with cotton hanger
  • Materials: fabric, cotton thread, embroidery floss

Postage and Packaging: extra.

Ireland: 4.50eur
UK/Europe: 6.50eur
I use An Post
For all other countries contact me.
All items can be tracked online.


This piece is made with a sewing technique called ‘free motion embroidery’, where the machine is used to ‘draw’ the picture. The needle moves up and down in one place and the fabric is moved around to create the desired shapes and patterns. The colour is added using hand embroidery and embroidery floss.

This series of hoops is inspired by the patterns and structures created by the plants and flowers in my garden and out on our farm. Their simple beauty is reflected in these designs, all carefully stitched and thoughtfully composed.