Christmas Cards – the Mistletoe Collection


These beautiful Christmas cards feature four woodland animals gazing up at the mistletoe. Choose from ‘Mistletoe Wish’, ‘Mistletoe Kiss’, ‘Mistletoe Love’, and ‘Mistletoe Heart’.

A card sent to a loved one can be a wonderful gift. A message of love and hope, and a picture which, when framed, can be hung on the wall.

If you would like to send a Christmas card to someone directly I can write your message and post it for you, wherever in the world you want to send some love.  Just contact me to arrange. I’d love to help!


Christmas cards for 2021!  I am so proud of these lovely cards, and delighted to be able to share them with you. I have been very organised this year and designed and created these in my little studio in Galway, Ireland back in September! My art printers is always really busy so I knew it would take a while to get them printed, but it was worth the wait and the quality of them is fantastic. They are 12cm x 17cm and come in a biodegradable cello bag.

There is something so nice about sending Christmas cards. In our digital, instant world a card is a something real to send to a loved one. Something that has been physically written in and posted in a post box! And what a lovely thing to receive when these days all we get are bank statements and insurance documents in the post! It is like being given a little envelope of love from someone. We all feel warm inside when we receive a card that tells us another person is thinking about us and has taken the time to send us something special.

Why not send some unique Christmas cards this year and spread the love. You are helping me too as all the sales of my cards, and other products in my shop, help me keep my little business going so I can make more beautiful art for you. I can deliver to Ireland, Europe, the UK and even America, wherever you are, my cards will reach you.

I used the animals from these cards to create some original textile artworks which you can find here: Hare, Badger, Stag, Squirrel 

If you live in Ireland you can also purchase these Christmas cards through Green Earth Organics. Just pop them into your basket along with your other groceries and they will be delivered to your door with your order!



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