The commission process

The journey is often as important as the destination, and I am here to help you with that every step of the way. It can seem a bit overwhelming to commission a portrait, so here is the process laid out in steps, and I can guide you through each of them.

1. Choose your type of portrait

Choose from textile art and coloured pencil art. Each will give you a realistic portrait, but the textile portrait will have more texture and be more of a representation of the spirit of your animal, whereas the coloured pencil portrait will have more detail and more accuracy in terms of colour.

2. Contact me to discuss

Contact me here to talk about your portrait further. You are not committed until the commission is agreed and this initial contact can be further discovery on your part, and a chance to tell me exactly what you would like. You can also send me some initial photographs so I can tell you what we could do and give you ideas.

3. Pay a deposit to confirm your commission

I will send you a paypal invoice for 25% of the cost of the commission and once you have paid I will add you to my commission books and we can get started on your portrait!

The cost of the portrait includes so much more than just the finished artwork…

You will receive,

  • help choosing the perfect photograph
  • guarantees that only the highest quality materials are used in the creation process
  • regular updates on the progress of your picture, directly to you, and, if the commission isn’t a secret, on my social media
  • A certificate of authenticity
  • A guide to caring for your artwork
  • beautiful packing of the finished product.

As an optional extra you will also be able to buy fine art prints of your artwork.

4. Choose the perfect photograph of your pet or horse

This is a collaborative process where you send me as many pictures as you like and I will help you choose the best one for an artwork.

Tips for the perfect photo…

  • Make sure there is enough good light to give a clear picture
  • Try and capture the true colour of the eyes and the fur
  • The more detailed the picture the better, especially for fur direction
  • Make sure it is taken up close enough to see the details.
  • Try to capture something of their personality in the photo
  • Use a photo that you really love, or that reminds you of a special time

5. Watch your portrait come to life!

Once I start your portrait I will email you to let you know and send you regular progress pictures. If it is suitable, I will also post progress pictures on Instagram.

6. Give the final approval

Once I have finished your portrait I will email you a picture of it, and if you are happy with it, get it ready for the next stage!

7. Packaging and posting

I take great time and care over my packaging and I guarantee you will feel like it is your birthday and you are unwrapping the best present in the world when it arrives! Sustainability is important to me and all packaging is as friendly to the environment as possible.

8. Leave a review

I love to hear and see how my customers get on with their artworks. You can leave a review on Google, and email me and I will add it to my testimonials.

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