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connecting with nature through fabric and stitch


‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.’ – John Muir

Through her art Jen explores the connections we make with the natural world, and how those moments where we stop and pause, when we are really IN nature rather than just on it, can transform us



Jenny was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the commission for ‘The Wolf’. I was delighted with the communication and the artistic direction of the piece from the brainstorming idea stage right through to the final execution. When I saw the finished artwork, I was blown away. The level of thought and attention to detail that went into the piece was incredible. Jenny managed to capture the essence of the ‘The Wolf’ using innovative and creative textile art – no easy feat. Jenny is uniquely talented in using textiles to create one of a kind and truly beautiful artwork. The cherry on top was the beautiful packaging that she wrapped the piece in, and it was shipped to its destination in perfect condition. If you want a truly unique Irish gift, do not hesitate to contact Jenny with your idea, you will not be disappointed